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Time is an invaluable resource in the business world, and every second saved can have a significant impact. Automating the hiring process saves companies precious time by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks. Job posting, resume sorting, interview scheduling and communication with candidates can all be automated, freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks.

By boosting your team’s productivity, our automation solution minimizes errors, promotes internal collaboration, and ensures the security of your critical documents while making them easily accessible. These benefits also extend to accounts receivable, offering greater cash flow visibility, more efficient monthly closing, and an overall improvement in data accuracy.

SenSaaS! offers various modules, including CAR, designed to simplify payment processing and adjustment management. In this article, we explore the many benefits of this module, its practical applications and its intended audience.

What is the CAR module, and who is it for? 

As previously mentioned, the CAR module simplifies payment application and adjustment management. It is suitable for a variety of companies, including those about to expand their team in response to increased volume. It can also be advantageous for companies handling a large number of customers and payments, or those with numerous customer programs/deductions. In short, the CAR module is adaptable to both small and large companies wishing to reallocate their resources to more profitable tasks than manual data entry or archiving. 

The CAR module is specifically designed to meet the needs of food markets, manufacturers selling to distributors, and distributors themselves. It is particularly useful for companies that receive payment deductions from their customers, commonly known as ChargeBack. In addition, it facilitates the reconciliation and approval of the company’s commercial expenses, including Scoops, EDLPs (Every Day Low Price) and listing fees. It’s a complete solution for optimizing the management of complex transactions in these specific sectors.

For example, manufacturers using large platforms to resell their products might receive monthly payments with dozens of pages of details. This makes manual data entry time-consuming and complex. With SenSaaS! a manual review that would take between 30 and 45 minutes is completed in 2 to 5 minutes. The payment is reviewed, integrated into the ERP system, and a workflow is initiated for each deduction to be reconciled.


What are the advantages of the CAR solution?


Payment processing

SenSaaS! payment application functionality simplifies the management of payment transaction documents, such as checks or direct deposits, by centralizing them in a single location. The software receives remittances by e-mail and automates the workflow through several steps, offering continuous visibility over the document management process. This approach enables faster validation of payments, reduces manual errors, and increases team productivity by releasing time for more strategic tasks.


Adjustment processing

SenSaaS!’s CAR module goes beyond simple adjustment processing by facilitating the reconciliation of customer deductions and establishing an approval workflow with automatic recording of associated accounting transactions. This feature fosters closer collaboration between teams, offering complete visibility of all documents at every stage of the process.

Accelerating the approval process means better workload management, enabling dedicated teams to optimize their efficiency. The module also offers detailed reports by customer, providing a clear view of each interaction. By automating these processes, SenSaaS! improves the rapid identification of potential problems, making it easier to detect loads that are subject to debate or outside contractual agreements. This feature enables the manufacturer or distributor to act quickly and effectively when dealing with the customer.

Would you like to integrate automation into your processes, and the CAR module is right for you? Choose SenSaaS!, a complete solution covering all your accounting needs.


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