Automate Oracle E-Business Suite Payables with SenSaaS!

Oracle E-Business Suite’s users looking to solve the manual input of invoice data with invoice scanning and data matching, validation, approval, and integration.


Automate Oracle E-Business Suite Payables
Automate Oracle E-Business Suite Payables

Reduce per invoice
processing cost by


or more

SenSaaS! enables resources to leverage their expertise.

Reduce manual data entry
by average of


(no human intervention)

Manual approaches to processing invoices are no longer enough.

Easily Capture


times more early
payment discounts

Invoice processing becomes instantaneous


Through SenSaaS! Bridge for EBS, customers will be able to seamlessly import invoices in order to simplify, expedite and make the invoice data entry into Oracle E-Business Suite, and take a major step forward to automate accounts payable functions and minimizing human intervention, from extracting data received in PDF invoices, validating data accuracy to invoice processing and workflow process.

Full integration with EBS R12

Using the authentication and the roles and responsibilities defined in EBS, SenSaaS Bridge for EBS fully integrates with EBS recognizing data security, function security, and providing complete integration with EBS components.

Multi-organization access

SenSaaS Bridge for EBS will have access to all the defined operating units within a business group, acting like a Shared Service importing invoices into the EBS Payables module.


SenSaaS Bridge for EBS provides you with the features you need to satisfy the following basic business needs. You will be able to address the following :

Automate Payables invoice processing with EBS

Lower invoice processing costs

Reduce typing errors and improve resources efficiency


Invoice information from SenSaaS

Extracted data from PDF invoices are shared with the bridge for processing towards EBS.

Master Data Extract

Provide daily extracts from EBS for both the bridge and SenSasS basic validation requirements.

EBS Invoices Dashboard

Provides a user dashboard to monitor incoming invoices, fix issues in invoices, and submit processing towards EBS.


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