About ARCO

ARCO is a European company established in 1993 in Mechelen, Belgium. With a portfolio of over 1,000 customers, ARCO specializes in information and document flow management. Its expertise includes collecting information for integration into digital workflows, recording, sharing, as well as the accurate transformation and routing of data. Simultaneously, this Belgian company is diversifying its operations by engaging in process automation and secure digital archiving. Their solutions are catered to a broad spectrum of sectors, including hospitals, local, regional, and federal authorities, financial services, and insurance.

ARCO has also developed Doma Cloud, a platform designed for securely storing important documents. This solution relieves customers from the concerns associated with in-house management of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Hosted in Belgium, Doma Cloud complies with the strictest security standards.


Founded in 1992, INTEGRIM is a leading provider of document automation technology in North America. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of administrative services and solutions, both customer-based and cloud-hosted, such as our SenSaaS! solution. This platform eliminates manual data entry, streamlines document processing and digital approvals, and provides electronic support for our customers’ IT and financial systems.

Our technologies enable the automation of accounts payable and receivable, payment control, purchase order management, expense accounts, contracts and human resources files. Our aim is to improve staff efficiency, reduce operational costs and facilitate our customers’ growth through the adoption of innovative technologies. Find out how automation with SenSaaS! can benefit your business right here.

INTEGRIM – ARCO partnership: combining technologies to drive business dematerialization

Dematerialization and automation: essential for fast-growing companies.

As companies grow, the volume of documents and information they possess also increases. A substantial amount of data, at times highly confidential, is shared with customers, partners, or suppliers. This can sometimes complicate the task of ensuring proper management by teams. Fortunately, technology can offer an excellent solution to ensure the seamless processing of documents, including invoices, pay slips, and archiving, among other tasks.

A long-term partnership

For almost three decades, INTEGRIM and ARCO have been individually committed to providing technological solutions aimed at automating and digitizing repetitive tasks. Our two companies are now celebrating 30 years of partnership. This collaboration enables the sharing of technology and source code for ARCO’s Doma solution for archiving and document processes. As the agreement continues, it will enrich the document automation functionalities present in our SenSaaS! solution, which is also being adopted in Europe.

INTEGRIM is thrilled about its 30-year partnership with ARCO in the realm of document management technology solutions. This serves as clear evidence that technology companies can successfully collaborate in the long term and deliver effective solutions on both sides of the Atlantic!

INTEGRIM has collaborated with local and international entities to offer its customers state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Find out more here.