Integrim has moved!

A few weeks ago, INTEGRIM took another exciting step forward by moving into new offices in Montreal. The move marks a transition to larger, brighter offices, perfectly aligned with our identity and aspirations.

For us, this move is not simply physical, but symbolizes our ongoing commitment to evolution and constant improvement. Like our automation solutions, our company evolves, adapts and seeks to improve.

The team embraced this change with enthusiasm, illustrating the cohesion and positive spirit that characterize INTEGRIM. A few days after settling in, we held a joyous happy hour to celebrate this new chapter. Laughter, lively discussions, refreshing drinks and delicious meals marked this memorable evening.

In addition to our desire for constant evolution, INTEGRIM is also a company that places great emphasis on people. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to come together to celebrate this new chapter, and to share these moments as a team. The celebration was made all the more special by the presence of our team members from Mexico, further strengthening our international connection.

We are proud to invite you to follow our progress, symbolized by these new offices, embodying our commitment to innovation and people. If you’re looking to implement automation solutions in your business, call on a company that combines growth and innovation.


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