INTEGRIM is proud of its cloud based solution SenSaaS which automates electronic document processing. Since 2008, it has served numerous organizations here in Canada and Europe as well as India from 2010 onwards. With such a broad international scope, it is only natural for SenSaaS to now enter the American marketplace with its pay-as-you-go offering to help reduce the enormous costs and inefficiencies related to processing documents and to facilitate its core business activities.

As such, INTEGRIM has recently received for SenSaaS, the official trademark registration from the US Patent and Trademark office. This strategic recognition will allow INTEGRIM to accelerate its market penetration and facilitate its marketing activities in the US.

After more than twenty years of rigorous service, product development and refinement, INTEGRIM is now poised and has now reached the level of maturity and breadth of offerings with SenSaaS to fully provide high satisfaction wherever it may be needed in the world.