During the current worker shortage, it may be difficult for larger or smaller companies to maintain their accounts payable team’s efficiency. It also becomes as dire to hire new talent as it is to retain current employees, and everyday work tools become an essential part of a job offer. However, some organizations don’t seem to be as harshly affected by these new circumstances; those who have already gone through an accounts payable digital transformation.


The attractiveness of a transformed job for potential employees

It is more important than ever to showcase the advantages of a job offer, and the advantages related to automation of accounts payable are not to be underestimated. 

Contrary to popular belief, accounts payable automation does not only optimize the number of required personnel for invoice processing (although the fact that it does is a significant advantage). While automation tools can allow a small team to process a growing number of transactions, these tools can provide many more benefits: since automation takes care of repetitive tasks which have no added value, a well-executed supplier process digital transformation leaves behind only more interesting tasks that put an employee’s skills to good use. This simple fact can retain talented employees which would have otherwise not been allowed to grow to their full potential. 

Reducing the amount of tasks with low added value can also free up time that can be spent on training and knowledge transfer through intergenerational project teams, another asset which allows the accounts payable team to stay up to date on their processes, or develop new skills. 

Workplace stress can also be reduced by having less repetitive workdays with lighter workloads, which helps reduce risks of professional burnout. A farmer who plows his fields with a hoe will get tired faster than one who uses a tractor; the effect of reducing repetitive tasks on an employee’s mental burden is comparable. 

Today’s workers are much more interested in the possibility of remote work, and a good digital transformation will significantly simplify the execution of tasks, whether by full telework or a hybrid formula. 

The advantages of a digital transformation, particularly considering the labor shortage in accounts payable, are considerable, and it becomes primordial to mention them in a job offer. Work becomes much more interesting, so much so that job offers in the labor market for accounts payable would be enhanced by describing how the digital tools a company uses reduces repetitive tasks, allow more knowledge transfer, reduce workplace stress and facilitate remote work.


Internal benefits of digital transformation

Employee retention is achieved through improvement of job quality, and adapted digital tools can contribute in a major way. 

Automation usually brings a reduction in data entry errors which can, at first glance, be mostly considered an advantage to the company. However, large amounts of data entry errors usually require verification and review tasks that can sometimes become a heavy burden on employees. 

A digital platform also makes it much easier to share and centralize exchanges around accounts payable tasks. The era of invoices and notes relating to them being left on someone’s desk is over, and now comments and written discussions are displayed chronologically, and notifications are automatically sent to mentioned collaborators. This new transparency in exchanges significantly lightens the supplier accounts process. 

Time freed by the automation of repetitive tasks allows employees to concentrate on tasks with added value, but these tasks can also be enhanced by digital transformation. The use of dashboards and centralized statistical data makes it much easier and faster to find and analyze the pitfalls of the accounts payable process. 

In short, accounts payable digital transformation improves the work environment by reducing verification and review tasks, makes exchanges accessible and transparent, and allows employees to more easily improve processes. These advantages can be the difference between tedious tasks and wonderful work.


Digital transformation: a change that takes place collectively

If you’re also thinking about making such a change in your company, we would recommend tackling this project collectively and getting support. All your stakeholders should be on board with the digital transformation project to ensure success, as described in the article How to pitch your AP automation project internally.

Our teams will accompany you in implementing your solution so that the automation project is tailored to your activities and results in a resounding success. 

Despite the many misconceptions around automation, such as job losses and the mass replacement of humans by machines, it is now used to counter the labor shortage. To know how we can help your company grow their productivity and efficiency by simplifying and automating your business processes, you can make an appointment with one of our expert advisors.