Because so many document types end up in the mailroom on a daily basis, it is imperative to consider reduced paper as part of mailroom automation solutions

In today’s work environment, the infamous mailroom which receives important volumes of incoming documents plays a vital role for organizations. It receives for the purpose of sorting and distributing, a plethora of documents from supplier invoices (Accounts payables automation) , paper based mail, purchase orders (Purchase orders) including various client and vendor notes and messages. It is essentially crucial and critical  to ensure an efficient and easy flow through management of  this process.

Therefore It constitutes a key doorway for the arrival of incoming documentation to be passed on for optimal business processes and executed by the other departments.

It is a well known fact that manually sorting incoming mail and its  distribution across the organization produces a slower and less precise response time than it would be with a digital solution. The traditional manual route requires the classification, manual handling and delivery of the pieces directly  to its recipient.

Because so many document types end up in the mailroom on a daily basis, it is imperative to consider reduced paper as part of mailroom automation solutions. As such, a digital mailroom solution becomes a logical requirement in order to simplify and accelerate the management and processing of all  incoming paper and electronic data.

Key benefits of digital mailroom automation:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced mailroom space allocation
  • Greater precision in the data
  • Enhanced visibility and better control of data
  • Increased speed of receiving, processing and delivery
  • Improved flow of document and data interchange
  • Increased client satisfaction

Automating incoming mail; lower the costs and reduce the errors

Every year, the volume of  paper and electronic documentation for many organizations increases. The idea of an automated workflow for  the mailroom service can represent a tremendous opportunity to optimise labour and space costs of this function. By minimizing the manual opening of enveloppes the  sorting and its distribution you can rationalize the number of headcounts which in turn lower the operational costs.

In addition, the various suite of technologies offered by INTEGRIM such as Fujitsu, OPEX and Kodak will be paired up with document scanning, intelligent data capture and automatic extraction and validation processes. This will in turn significantly minimize and reduce errors, help you to lower storage space and archiving costs as well as speed up the process throughout all  phases of the cycle in the mailroom.

The Mailroom : greater precision, visibility and speed of information

Automating your mailroom functions will accelerate the validation process. An effective data capture allows easier identification, automatically processes the  extraction and analysis seamlessly of the data received. They are then forwarded quickly to the right group, department or individual recipient to proceed with the appropriate execution on the actionable item.

Greater control and visibility allows for enhanced traceability and accountability  of all the information received to be shared and transferred. By automating many of the steps in the digital mailroom, the organization can remain optimally compliant to its pre-defined process and as a result quickly identify the non compliant incoming documents at its arrival point.

In the current competitive  state of affairs in many organizations, the mailroom automation function constitutes a major driver for an optimal customer experience (CX). AS a result, the digital transformation of mailroom  communications speeds up the flow of validated information and improved decision making across the whole group.

The central key element of a digitized mailroom rests upon the core function of converting and transforming paper and data into electronic documents. Its core objective is to simplify and standardize the process and quickly accomplish the tasks related to the received information by the correct user or client.

Automating the mailroom with INTEGRIM’s various solutions will allow quick, precise and efficient capture of the data in a centralised fashion from any/all incoming data regardless of its format or activity sector.

INTEGRIM is a technology company dedicated to offering an integrated platform which allows automation