Dear INTEGRIM Customers,


We are currently living in an unprecedented period impacting our Social Security and Global Economy.

Following these important events affecting the entire population and businesses, we have adjusted our Contingency Plan to ensure above all the safety of all of our employees as well as the maintenance of all of our operations.

Being primarily a technology company, we have implemented all the necessary technical measures in complementary teleworking mode in order to achieve these objectives, including our usual levels of productivity. And in such circumstances of high economic disruption, the maintenance of our offer, by its nature, can represent for our customers an opportunity to preserve or augment their own levels of organizational efficiency.

Obviously, in the short term, we will mainly favor all of our interactions with you on a remote basis for the various ongoing projects, our commercial and our support activities.

We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis, in particular the positions taken by our different levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal), which may have an impact on our Action Plan. Should any information influence our operations, updates will be posted and made available to our clients on our portal and website.

We encourage you not to hesitate and contact the people assigned to our support center for any additional questions you may have.

Thank you,

The Management, INTEGRIM

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